Know what you want from life!


Most people are living a routine life of "go to work, come home watch tv, do household chores and sleep".

Most people only feel joy and happiness when on vacation or on the weekends.

But some people have figured out a way to bring more joy and happiness into their lives everyday! They are always in a good mood, they know what they want out of life and how to get it. They always see the bright side of life and are always smiling!

Do you want to be like this?

Then let me help you find your passion and purpose in life!

I can help you live a more fulfilling joyful life!

Are you unhappy with your job?

Are you unhappy with your life?

Then take the first steps to change it now!

Find out how you can have more happiness in your life.

My Book
Read about how I turned my routine life around and set off on the journey to a passionate life. "A Seven Year Journey Around The World - discovering my passion and purpose"

Workshops / Retreats
Choose from community day or night classes, weekend workshops, retreats or hire me as a facilitator / trainer for your own organization. Listen to a 2min sample "Living with passion" speach.

Speaking / Break-Outs
Hire me as your motivational keynote speaker for your conference or event or as a break-out facilitator.

We all have a book inside us! This self-learn workbook guides you through the process of writing and publishing your own book. Presented in a beautiful leather portfolio it guides you to become the "Author of your dreams". See also "InspireABook Workshops".

One-On-One motivational coaching to help you bring more passion and purpose into your life.
For the entrepreneur this coaching also involves marketing guidance, the biggest challenge that faces those who are following their dreams to own their own business.

Biking Across Canada

Follow Bryan Thorp and Paul across Canada on their bikes. Go!

Nomad Adventures

Sailing from Vancouver Island down the US Pacific Coast to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. GO!


"Thanks for being in my life, all the best connections I have manifested for my business has been through your guidance. You always keep me motivated and inspired to follow my dreams". Bonnie Davidson, CEO Singing English Education





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