England has turned out to be much more beautiful than anticipated. The rolling ancient countryside is sufused throughout England and is embodied in all walks of life. Escape from the crowded cities and towns is never more than a short walk away, down into a meadering path by the canal or out through a sea of green in a farmers field.


Newbold Verdon

This is where Julie and I stayed for about our first 4 months in England. A typical home in Newbold Verdon with a garden in the back and fields of wheat and barley beyond that. That's me cutting the lawn and trying to do my little bit to help out with the yard work. Newbold is situated just a 20 minute drive SW of the city of Leicester and a 5 min drive from a town or village in any direction you cared to go.

Market Bosworth

Market Bosworth is a small town just 5 minutes west of Newbold Verdon and a little more what one would call upscale. The park at the entrance to town has these amazing very tall plants that I think are called Queen Ann's Lace. I've seen these plants back home in Canada but only as tall as 3 or 4 feet. Of course the ubiquitous red call box can still be seen most places we go and I just could not restrain myself from taking a photo. I always think of the Dr. Who "Tardis" when I see these but the tardis was really a take off on the larger and blue police box which I do not think is even used anymore. Still, I can't help thinking of being beamed up whenever I am in one of these.
The view down the street is quite typical of so many small villages and towns like this but is still for me a spectacle of fabulous architecture and old world charm. Most old buildings sport slate or tile roofs that last for decades.
There are still lots of structures like this one with the old style straw roofs that lend quite a different character to the building. Notice the cars parking on the left? Weird hey? Still can't get used to it. Actually not only do the English drive on the left but they also park on the left or right or sidewalk or wherever there is a spot. Seems to work though, as I have not seen many accidents while here.