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Where it all started. Nanaimo, BC, Canada 2003


Current Location as of September 2010, Cowichan Bay, B.C. Canada.
48.74108N - 123.62301W

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Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada 2010


US West Coast

     This is the beginning of our trip from Nanaimo to San Diego and the first offshore experience for Seafire and her skipper. The thrill of our first bar crossings and the many ports of call explored are documented with an eye to the beauty of the American countryside.


     Follow our cruise from San Diego down the west coast of the Baja and around and up again to San Carlos. We stop at many ports of call along the way only making one or two day passages at a time.

Mexico con't

     We are back in Mexico once again in and around the San Carlos area enjoying the sunny clear weather and interesting hikes across hills and through dry river beds.

Mexico - Midriffs

   In the northern Sea of Cortez is an area called the Midriff Islands which span across from east to west. Not only is this an exceptionally unique piece of Mexico but an easy way to cross the sea hopping from island to island.


     Julie and I lived for a few months in Leicester, where her family lives.  Never having been to England before I was truly amazed at how green and beautiful it is with gorgeous country gardens in every yard.


     Zoom in for a close up of our boat "Seafire" which has safely and comfortably taken us from Canada to Mexico, so far. There is also a full specs sheet here as well.


     Julie's adventures aboard the sailing yacht "Khulula" from Africa across the Indian Ocean to Asia.

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