Back In Mexico Again!

We are back once again in Mexico after a fabulous six months in England. Our previous adventure took us down the pacific and around the Baja Peninsula, then up the Sea of Cortez and across to San Carlos. Here we stored Seafire for the hurricane season and flew to Britain. December has brought us back to enjoy the sun and startling vistas that this part of Mexico has to offer and to share our experiences and photos with you.

This season will see us mainly in and around San Carlos due to business constraints and our home base will be the beautiful and exotic San Carlos Marina. We hope to make many trips up the coast to experience the gunk holing on this coastline and of course many more hiking trips to explore the flora and fauna of Sonora state. Below on the left is a view out our back door with our Canadian flag competing with the far more numerous American flags. On the right is a birds eye view of the marina we call home right now where quite a few travelers such as our selves also live and make life a fun and sociable affair.

Follow the arrow below to see our photos and views on this wonderful part of our planet...