The Midriff Islands

   Julie and I are now traveling north and west in the Sea of Cortez through the Midriff Islands where we intend to weather out the summer storms which are moving in on southern Mexico. San Carlos usually is out of the hurricane area but it gets way to hot and humid for our tastes. Bahia De Los Angeles has much milder weather and much less chance of a storm so this will be our cruising grounds until winter is once more upon us and the north winds start to blow.

   On the chart above you can see Tiburon island centre right with Esteban just to the bottom left of that. Left of Esteban is Salsipuedes with Raza and Partida to the north. From there the large island up or north, is Isla Angel De La Guardia.

   Many adventures have already found us and many more are just around the corner.  So go right ahead and click that button and join us as we find new horizons and exciting flora and fauna.