There are many Life-coaches, Law of Attraction Practitioners and Motivational/Inspirational coaches that have studied and read all about how to bring what you love into your life and business. How many though, actually live it and have learnt through their own life experiences HOW you create your ideal life? This is what makes Distinctive Motivational and Marketing Coaching unique.

It took me seven years to find my true purpose in life and to understand that everyone has to go through a journey of self-discovery, some earlier, some later, but most around the mid-cycle of their life (Mid-life crisis?). My own ephihany happened when I was 32 and a hard-nose Marketing Manager in the UK with a $90,000 salary, Victorian mansion overlooking the golf course and first class international business travel perks that took me all over the world.

I realised something was missing in my life, despite everyone telling me how lucky I was. It seemed that "I had it all" but was this all there was?" Wasn't there more to life? Thus, "A Seven Year Journey around the World" started in order for me to discover what my real passion and purpose in life was (see book).

The lessons I learnt made me realise that the meaning of life is to be passionate and have joy and love in your life everyday. If you are not enjoying every single day of your life, you're doing something wrong and you will not have the postive energy you need to be successful in business or your personal life. It is important to be able to focus on your true passion in life because once you can focus on this you will attract everything you require to allow you to live your life with passion.

This is the fundamental principle of the law of attraction, once you have decided what you want and believe you can have it, believe you deserve it, and believe it's possible for you, the universe will take care of making it happen. You will attract the people in your life you need to make it happen, you just need to pay attention to what's being set in front of you. Don't delay, don't second guess, don't doubt, when the opportunity or impulse is there...ACT!

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My Passion and Purpose in life is to spread the word and help other's to find their Passion and Purpose in Life. Coaching sessions are $95 per hour and monthly rates with unlimited calls are available, please ask for details.

Keynote Speaking, Personal Developement, Inspiration And Motivation

Discovering Passion and Purpose in Life

Let Julie inspire you at your corporate conference or meeting. She explains how she traveled the world using her heart as her navigational system, living with infinite flexibility, making only integrity based decisions and learning how to love herself. She shares how she discovered that you really can not know what you want in life until you experience it and what you are attracted to is the full expression of yourself.

Her 90 minute speech encourages everyone to trust their own desires rather than the belief systems we were raised with. She demonstrates how a new vision and shift in perception can expand your creativity and increase motivation. An inspired action will attract people and possibilities into your life to make it happen.

A Seven Year Journey around the World

Julie shares some of the stories from her published book as learning metaphors to demonstrate how you can un-cover your spiritual self previously covered over by negative paradigms. Our beliefs are ingrained in the subconscious mind from information and programming we learnt in the past from our parents, peers, pastors and the media. Julie shares some of her observations of different countries with different cultures and how their programming created a different life for them.

Face the fear with Julie as she takes you on a journey at sea encountering sharks and jelly fish, complete darkness alone 1,000 miles from land, battling Malaria, a debilitating back injury, and being jilted in Malaysia and left alone with no money, friends or home. Join her as she faces the fear of storms at sea in the Pacific Ocean. Celebrate as she embraces the attitude of gratitude of all the people she met in the third world and learn from her lessons of positive thinking as she learns to trust her intuition.

Unique Qualities

I traveled the world for seven years learning from the world community what my passion and purpose in life was. Now I want to help spread that word and inspire others to find their passion and purpose. I can capture your passion in your business and promote it by using the 15 years experience I gained in Marketing in the UK.  I have been involved with strategic marketing plans for FMCG products, land investments, professional speaker (Peter Sage) and Voice Coach (Edwin Coppard) Educational Development (SingingEnglish) Author (Barbara Small) Financial Management (Moneyminding) and entrepreneurial small business (Options For Health) Non-profit involvement includes Cambodia (Licadho) and Lao Natural Fibres Ltd

Would Like You To Know

I'm British but visited over 35 countries and lived in South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, A desert island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Thailand, Malaysia (where I ran a yacht charter business for two years),Lao, Canada, Mexico, USA and England. I now have a slightly different outlook on life! I live life to the full and enjoy every minute of it. I think it's important to have fun in business and be passionate about what you do.

Who Can Benefit Most

Small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. If you know your passion but struggling to make a successful business out of it, I show you how to utilize the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires and goals. I will give you guided advice on marketing strategies that work!  Individuals will benefit from Personal development with one-on-one coaching to take the first steps towards realizing their passion.

Retreats and workshops take you through intensive life-changing exercises designed to put you on the fast track of living with passion and purpose. Take time out of your busy life to plan the rest of your life!

For larger organizations I can facilitate break-out workshops at your conference or a series of lunch and learn seminars at your office.

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