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We All Have A Book Inside Us!


"I like the fact Julie covered the book creation process from start to finish" D.Parks, InspireABook graduate.

"The organizational tools [were really useful] the binder is genius.  All the legwork Julie had already done [on publishing] was sooo useful" Amy Fischer, InspireABook graduate.

"....the classes were very motivating and it was nice to have peer reviews and someone to directly ask questions" Tiffany St.Gelais, InspireABook graduate

" hearing that it was okay to want to write a book, I never had much support..even if I wanted to write a book for fun" Barb Csinos, InspireABook graduate.

" I now have a title, 8 chapter titles and I have a rough outline of where I am going with it" Melanie Gerritsen, InspireABook graduate

"I had no idea how to organize [my book] I love the InspireABook system" Ella Brown, InspireABook graduate

My 8 hour workshops will take you through 3 main stages to guide you in the process:

1. Creating The Content:

  • Set up: Idea for your book, research, cover design and copy, title. Build the content: Assembling the elements and materials. Draft stages: Content edit, Peer reviews, Fact check, proof read

2. Producing The Work:

  • PDF files, cover art, printing options, comparative self-publishing costs.

3. Promoting The Book:

  • Pro’s and cons of Publishers, Agents and distributors. Book clubs and non traditional markets and how to locate your buyers. Getting reviews in print, Radio and TV (with practical advice on TV/Radio/Print interviews).

This is a fun, informative workshop with practical advice and motivation from an Author who went through the process and is happy to answer all your questions. Everyone has a book inside of them!

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